Meet the American Short Line Railroad Association

Meet the American Short Line Railroad Association

The importance of small railroads, and the roles they play, demand a unifying structure through which they can address their common needs and goals. For this, they have the American Short Line Railroad Association (ASLRA), an organization as old as the industry, but with a mission and purpose that has evolved and expanded along with the operations of its members.

Headquartered in Washington, D,C,, with a traffic services and tariff publishing office in Atlanta, the ASLRA provides a variety of services. Among them are:

  • Representing the industry before the federal government. The Association is the industry’s “eyes and ears” in the nation’s capital, monitoring and analyzing legislative and regulatory initiatives, commenting on behalf of its members, testifying before Congressional committees and, in general, educating Congress and the agencies on the unique role of small railroads.
  • Representing members in their relationships with the major railroads.
  • Publishing tariffs and contracts.
  • Developing model programs for federally mandated procedures such as random alcohol and drug testing, engineer certification and environmental regulations, and roadway worker protection.

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